All About Beating Google’s Algorithm – How Do You Do It?

high rankIf you’re just like most people who’ve been trying so hard to earn money online, then you’ve probably struggled for the most part of your online career trying to beat Google’s algorithm. It’s a sad state of affairs, however, you should know that there are actually people out there who have been able to beat Google’s algorithms and are able to rank their websites on demand. How do they do it?

According to Search Engine Journal – Beating Google post last September, we can sum it up in three words: testing, testing, testing. These super SEO experts are not content with churning out websites, doing some work, and hoping and praying that one of these websites work. These people are very deliberate in their work. First, they roll out new websites, however, they do different things on each of these websites, doing one thing at a time. The idea is to identify which actions make a difference in their rankings. And when there’s a difference that makes a difference, they record it.

The work of SEO experts have definitely become harder. This is especially because there are actually at least 200 known factors that can affect your ranking in the search engines. Compare this to five years ago, when all you needed to do was to stuff your website content with your keywords and blast the webpages you wanto rank for with links. And by links, we mean any type of link.

We all know that right now that spammy content and even spammier link building no longer work, however, that does not mean that you can no longer rank in the search engines.

If you want to rank in the search engines, you’ve got to know which combination of ranking factors will make your website rank, on demand, so you are churning out money everyday instead of bleeding money on SEO methods that do not work.

When it comes to testing, there are many software out there that can help you automate many parts of the ranking process. There’s GSA search engine ranker and there a paid linking tools. Also, on Fiverr, you will find many gigs for social media shares and likes, which, as we all know are figuring prominently in the ranking algorithm.

So, if you have any thought about building your SEO career, make sure to do a lot of testing. Don’t be afraid to fail. In fact, we encourage you to fail a lot.